About Digital Planet

Founded in December of 2001, Digital Planet was created to bridge the service gap between telecom service providers and business customers. Digital Planet brought custom tailored solutions to customers looking for network connectivity and telephone equipment solutions, in a single solution.

Today, Digital Planet has evolved...Clients want services designed with seamless integration of all business communications technologies; into a single, balanced, effective solution. The "evolution of technology is exponential" - connected devices are everywhere, and Digital Planet's knowledge is key for our clients.

So many companies today are in the business of "more"…

Selling "more" services, "more" hardware, constantly selling "more" to fix business communications issues.

Digital Planet's philosophy? We are in the business of SMART...

SMART solutions, SMART networks, SMART security and design, SMART business decisions to solve your communications needs.

Digital Planet provides detailed analysis of all aspects of communications technology. Ensuring solutions and services are designed to work together, maximizing efficiency, minimizing cost, and eliminating redundancy.

Business of SMART


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