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Advantages of Managed WAP

June 10th, 2020 by admin

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Wireless Access Points (WAP) take WiFi connectivity offered by a single access point, such as a router, and extend the signal by creating wireless hotspots. This allows more devices to connect to a single network across a larger area while increasing data transmission speeds. While traditionally such access points have been managed manually and individually by someone such as a network administrator, Managed WAP uses a centralized controller to extend and manage an entire WiFi network with its multiple access points. Managed WAP solutions offer various advantages for maintaining a network.

Easier Configuration

With a traditional network set-up, anytime you want to add a new access point to your network, you must go through multiple steps—from establishing the connection between the network and access point to configuring parameters. This process can become quite time consuming and can quickly add up if you need to add multiple access points. With Managed WAP, you simply need to connect the new device to the management system you’re using (e.g., hardware, software, or cloud-based) and let it do the work of finding and configuring your new access point(s).

Centralized Control

Like configuring your access points, Managed WAP makes controlling your network easier. Software and cloud-based management options typically provide an easy-to-navigate dashboard through which you can manage your network. This provides you with centralized control over all WAP. If you want to make changes to the parameters of your network, you simply input these changes through the dashboard. The controller will automatically make the desired changes to all WAPs in your network. This same centralized control extends to other aspects of network maintenance, such as monitoring and troubleshooting. Using Managed WAP will ultimately save you time and effort in controlling your network.

Increased Security

With WAPs configured under a traditional structure, it is difficult to thoroughly maintain and monitor network security. With Managed WAP, however, the managing platform helps you identify security threats as well as issues or complications that might arise with any of your access points. It does this while also providing automatic security and software updates. These capabilities help ensure that your network is functioning as securely as possible with lower security monitoring efforts on your end.

Network Reports

Overseeing all of your access points using a single controller is aided by reports that the management interface can produce. Through network management tools that Managed WAP solutions provide, you can produce reports that inform you about your network performance, usage, bandwidth, etc. With this information, you can more easily identify areas for troubleshooting and then adjust or upgrade your network and access points’ parameters and configurations accordingly based on data.


With centralized control and easier configuration, Managed WAP improves the scalability of your network. The network reports help you monitor where your network is lacking and identify when you may need more access points as your business changes and grows. This allows you to identify when and how you need to scale your network and then quickly do so in order to maintain efficiency and minimize network downtime.

Cost Savings

The ease of configuring, monitoring, and controlling that comes with a Managed WAP network introduces the opportunity for cost savings. Using network reports that you can produce through the management interface, you can adjust your network to make it as efficient as possible. With less network downtime afforded by Managed WAP, you can increase employee productivity. Furthermore, with less time required for dealing with network issues, your IT team can spend time on other IT-related tasks. This may also mean that you can reduce the number of people needed on your IT team as network maintenance requirements are reduced.

From simplified network maintenance and monitoring to help your business's bottom line, there are myriad advantages to adopting Managed WAP. Doing so will help your business run more efficiently while increasing ease of network access.

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