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Elements of UC and C

November 2nd, 2020 by admin

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Just as its name-united communications and collaboration-suggest, UC&C brings together various tools that allow users to communicate and collaborate under a single, unified interface and management system. UC&C offers companies multiple avenues for their employees to communicate with one another in real-time while enabling greater collaboration among individuals and teams. These tools and applications that foster greater communication and collaboration also reduce fragmentation while increasing connectivity and efficiency across teams.

Elements for Enhanced Communication & Collaboration

Various elements make up UC∓C offerings. While different organizations may place more emphasis and prioritization on some elements over others, the tools for enabling communication and collaboration that are commonly part of UC&C packages include the following:

  • Email is one of the primary platforms that companies use for communication between parties. While email likely won't be going anywhere anytime soon, it can be a slower communication platform since individuals read and respond to messages at their own convenience. UC&C offerings typically have additional tools to augment email that allows for faster, real-time communication.
  • Voice/Telephony are other long-standing UC&C technologies that allow voice communication between two parties. Like email, voice and telephony platforms are likely to remain for some time; however, basic voice and telephony capabilities are now being extended through other UC&C offerings, such as conferencing and collaboration tools discussed further below.
  • Online Conferencing allows for web-based communication and collaboration. Rather than simply relying on the basic telephony feature of voice communication, conferencing platforms provide options for audio and video communication as well as additional features like messaging and collaboration tools.
  • Collaboration is obviously a cornerstone of UC&C, and there are many ways that platforms enhance communication among team members in a company through additional collaboration capabilities. Rather than simply talking through an issue, many online conferencing platforms also provide interactive options for collaboration. For example, screen sharing options allow all participants to see the same screen no matter where they are located. Similarly, virtual whiteboards enable individuals to interactively develop and share ideas in real-time. Some platforms also provide file-sharing options so that individuals can share relevant files mid-conversation - whether it's a video conferencing situation or an instant messaging conversation. Still, other platforms allow not only for file sharing but also for collaborative editing so that all team members can work on one document that updates in real-time (e.g., Google Docs, Dropbox). All these opportunities for collaboration lend to more engaged and efficient workplace teams.
  • Instant Messaging is another common UC&C tool that can be integrated into web conferencing platforms or separate. No longer do employees need to email and wait for a response based on when the other party checks their messages. Instant messaging allows instantaneous communication so people can ask questions and receive immediate answers.
  • Presence Indicators tie in closely with instant messaging, as an individual can check to see who is online and available. For example, if there is an urgent matter, they can quickly identify who from a team is available and message them directly for an immediate response.
  • Calendars on a UC&C platform can be shared among team members to promote collaboration through the ease of scheduling meetings and knowing when other team members are available.

Improving Productivity in Real-time

No matter what tools are used, UC&C platforms aim to improve companies' efficiency and productivity through enhanced mobility and real-time communication and collaboration. It is now common for company employees to be based on a variety of locations – whether working remotely or working across multiple office locations. With UC&C, all of a company's communication and collaboration tools can be brought together, enabling individuals to access them-and therefore their colleagues-from wherever they are and on any mobile device. This accessibility, along with the tools themselves, fosters real-time communication and collaboration since employees can immediately access information and responses to questions and requests, thus promoting greater productivity and efficiency across a company.

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