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Should Your Business Use SD-WAN?

August 25th, 2021 by admin

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The pandemic is continuing to impact how businesses operate. Initially, there was a significant movement towards working remotely, which required businesses to transition to cloud-based operations. Now, some companies are considering moving employees back into the office on a part-time schedule. The hybrid model offers many benefits for companies and employees alike; however, businesses are experiencing latency and slowdown in their applications. Traditional WANs that use conventional routers were never designed for the cloud and can cause network slowdowns.

A method to combat this slowdown is to utilize a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN). SD-WAN technology enables businesses to use a combination of internet services, from MPLS and LTE to broadband internet services. Additionally, companies can configure dedicated routes to run specific applications. For example, a business could run its CRM and phone system through a dedicated fiber connection and run traditional internet browsing and other processes through a secondary broadband connection. Utilizing this method will help your business avoid downtime or network slowdown.

Here are some additional reasons your business should switch to SD-WAN:

  • Increased Security. A significant benefit of SD-WAN is end-to-end encryption throughout your network. This end-to-end encryption ensures that your data will be protected even if your network traffic is intercepted. Additionally, since your network is segmented, any security breaches will be contained, which gives your company a chance to respond.
  • Better Voice Quality. SD-WAN allows your business to configure dedicated routes to run specific applications. Your business can dedicate a route for voice and other essential applications, so you experience high-quality voice interactions.
  • Cost-Effective. When your business switches to SD-WAN, you’ll reap the benefits of reduced costs as well as increased performance and security. Companies are always looking to be more efficient and save money on operating costs, and implementing an SD-WAN solution is one of the best ways to achieve both.

If your business is struggling with network speeds or would like to reduce costs, contact Digital Planet today. We will help your company implement an SD-WAN solution to empower your in-office and remote employees while increasing productivity and reducing downtime.

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