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The Importance of Email Security and Why Your Business Needs It

June 2nd, 2021 by admin

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Cybersecurity has been a hot-button issue lately, and rightfully so. With the number of high-profile data breaches recently, businesses need to be proactive to prevent becoming the next victim. While most of the breaches that made the news were from large corporations, small businesses are not exempt from an attack. In fact, 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses, and 1 in 323 emails sent to small businesses are malicious. For a small business, suffering a data breach can signal the end since 60% of small businesses that suffer a breach go out of business within six months. While these statistics may seem grim, there are numerous steps your business can take to beef up its defenses.

Employee Education

With the frequency of malicious emails your employees will likely interact with, they need to be aware of the best security practices to ensure the safety of the business. Some of those best practices include never opening attachments or clicking on links from unknown sources. There have been reports of hackers sending malicious PDFs that contain malware or ransomware. With some businesses operating with a remote workforce, employees should never access their company email account from a public wi-fi connection. If the employee needs to access their email from a public location or their personal device, using a VPN will help protect your business. Another best practice is to use additional email security software to help filter out malicious emails.

Email Security

With the prevalence of phishing scams targeting small businesses, ensuring your business has extra layers of security is critically important. All it takes is one mistake by an employee for your business to become a victim of a phishing scam. Most companies have some cybersecurity protection, but if your company relies on your email provider's email security to protect against phishing scams, you may not be as protected as you think. Our carrier partners offer managed security services that are a comprehensive solution. Our carrier partners will help your business configure the security to fit your company's needs, so the security solution is tailored specifically to keep your business protected. Since the email security is managed, your business will always have the most up-to-date protection.

Phishing scams are showing no signs of slowing down, and your business needs to be protected. At Digital Planet, we understand how difficult it is to manage a business and ensure your network and email security offer the protection you need. We will help your business find the ideal partner to handle your security so you can focus on the growth of your company. Contact us today to learn more.

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