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Top 5 Reasons a Cloud-based Model Supports a More Flexible (and happier) Workforce

October 5th, 2020 by admin

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The growth and simplicity of cloud services have many workers trading desktops for internet browsers. Cloud-based services and anytime, anywhere access to devices and enterprise applications are opening up new opportunities for employees to have a more flexible work schedule and enjoy a work-from-anywhere lifestyle. As employees continue to thrive under this flex-corporate model, IT teams need to evolve to find betters ways to deliver secure access to business-critical apps without getting bogged down with management, admin tasks, or big price tags. Not only do cloud-based business information systems deliver more reliable, secure, and affordable access to apps, infrastructure, and resources, they also provide greater insight into how apps are secured and used, they also deliver a more personalized work experience.

Leveraging a Secure Digital Workspace

A cloud-based digital workspace or hosted Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) model, for example, gives organizations access to their applications, over the internet, and through a subscription-based model. This can give businesses peace-of-mind knowing that their applications are secure, up-to-date and accessible, anytime and from anywhere and from any device.

Delivering More Control with Internal Less Oversight

One of the primary advantages of leveraging cloud services for internal teams is that access rights are implemented in a contextual manner, based on devices, networks, locations, and user behavior. IT teams and cloud service providers gain full visibility and control over applications while the user gets the right level of access they need to get their work done. Let’s review the top 5l advantages of cloud-based IT services:

  1. Better user experience - Users can expect a reliable, near-native experience, regardless of where they are working from or what application is paired with what device. With a cloud-based approach, application functionality is automatically acclimated to the user’s preferred device features, which means that employees can be more productive and collaborative, whether they’re using a laptop or smartphone to access Office 365 or AutoCAD, or they are running cloud workloads for application development, for example.
  2. Simplified management and updates - IT management are much simpler in the cloud. Instead of application deployment schedules that can take days or weeks, an application is available very quickly with a hosted model. Whether your cloud provider is delivering IaaS offerings such as hybrid cloud resources or SAN storage, cloud-enabled solutions help organizations manage mobile workforces effectively and streamline user administration responsibilities with automatic updates and 24/7 support. Cloud providers maintain software updates, patches and upgrades, completely, freeing up internal resources.
  3. Future-proof IT - Not only do cloud computing solutions help remote and distributed teams remain productive, but they also allow teams to scale up and scale down resources quickly, without being locked into licensing commitments. Organizations only pay for what they use, generally with predictable monthly payments.
  4. Remote and branch office support - Not only do cloud providers deliver 'Bring Your Own Device' (BYOD) support, cloud specialists can help manage moves, adds and changes, keeping employees connected with secure access to their mission-critical tools. Teams can also rapidly deploy branch offices very quickly, keeping teams more agile and ready to seize new opportunities fast.
  5. Focus on core-business objectives - The inherent flexibility of cloud means that employees have access to the tools they need to be effective and focus core business activities, like developing new services, testing new marketing strategies, and closing new business. The cloud helps teams get out of the update-and-spend cycle for applications, resources, and IT infrastructure so businesses can direct their attention to their ‘secret sauce’ that really pushes a business success.

Productive and highly-capable remote workers today are just as comfortable working from the corporate office, as-is from their home office, or on the go. To support them, companies and their IT departments need to improve the performance and availability of their networks, applications, and infrastructures. With a cloud-hosted IT environment and secure digital workspace, companies can more clearly understand how their team is using IT services with management support and real-time insight.

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