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What 5G Will Bring

November 4th, 2019 by admin

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There is a lot of excitement around emerging 5G technology, with major telecom service providers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile already discussing their strategies and initial progress for building and rolling out the new network. To match the developments in the network, manufacturers are beginning to produce 5G-enabled products. Although none of these early innovations demonstrate the full capacity of the evolving 5G network technology, they do hint at the scramble among the companies to achieve the first true 5G network and provide a glimpse into the potential of the network and what it has in store for the broader population once the speculation becomes reality.

Developing 5G

While there is competition to be “the first” to achieve 5G, developing this new generation of technology actually requires substantial coordination and collaboration across a variety of actors, including service providers, manufacturers, researchers, government regulators, and others. Because 5G is a completely new generation of technology, it demands new standards for such things like technical specifications and even the language and terms used to discuss it. Since, the network will not work on current devices, so new equipment must also be developed. In addition to 5G enabled smartphones and other devices, additional network equipment is required to shift from 4G to 5G. All of these must comply with the newly developed standards and be able to interface with devices developed by other manufacturers and those operating on other service providers’ networks.

The new network must then be rigorously field tested through real-world applications. The involved parties must pilot test the new devices on the newly developed network and troubleshoot any issues that arise. Only after the technological bugs have been addressed will 5G be ready for deployment to consumers. Even then, the roll-out process will not be immediate since the expansion of networks to 5G requires significant time and financial investments. Service providers will likely roll-out 5G to select cities at first, with complete 5G coverage happening more gradually.

Advantages of 5G

Deploying 5G seems like a long and complicated process, but the efforts will have its reward. 5G technology promises to expand what is possible and open up endless opportunities for innovation. It is more than simply providing a faster connection. Rather, 5G has the potential to offer connection speeds that are over 100 times faster than 4G while also reducing network latency, expanding capacity for connectivity, and offering greater reliability than existing 4G networks. This will bring numerous advantages, including some of the following:

  • Internet of Things: 5G will enable better connectivity of the Internet of Things so that data can be more quickly and reliably shared between smart devices. This will allow for “smart homes” that can help improve quality of living through such means as increased energy efficiency, personalized entertainment options, and improved home security.
  • Health Care: With 5G, individuals will be able to connect health monitoring devices to the network to gain immediate, constant feedback that can help monitor health indicators, improve quality of life, and reduce health risks. 5G may also lead to increased capabilities and use of remote, robotic surgery.
  • Self-Driving Cars: As self-driving cars become a reality, 5G technology will enable immediate communication between cars without the lag time present in 4G networks. This will allow near immediate response rates to driving obstacles, which will help reduce accidents.
  • Rural Coverage: In many rural areas of the country, network connectivity is unreliable and sometimes non-existent. 5G will help solve this issue and close the digital divide between rural and urban communities.

There are countless other uses and advantages to 5G, many of which haven’t even been thought of yet. The technology will vastly change the way we interact with technology, and while the road to realizing a true 5G network is still long, the benefits 5G will bring will be well worth the wait.

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